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Sorry I disappeared! My computer broke~And I just got it back. I am super sorry. I will be catching up on my posts. 

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Sorry I have been gone on Sailor Moon and Clara!

I keep getting called into work when I’m not schedule and it has made me rather tired. I should be catching up tomorrow.


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The information can be extracted by means of your suffering.

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Blink }} Closed }} Clara & Daryl


Though granted an apt living situation, the best he’d had his entire life, Daryl Dixon found he took to the seclusion the fences of trees and vast fields of green provided. He was no stranger to the helter-skelter of nature’s workings; there was Heaven and Hell alike to be found lurking beneath its lush blanket, every clearing either a death-trap or ray of hope depending on the circumstances. Reminiscing of a time where the most danger stemmed from a patriarchal drunkard armed a shattered bottle still oozing its dregs to the floor—- the memories were a flood, and he its victim.

The story at his back was one blemished by a fate unkind, and despite the pain that hung about this familiarity, it felt a refuge; port in the storm. There was no atmosphere quite as pure as what now distended his lungs, no peace he could recall ever anaesthetising his nerves. There was no pinch at his mouth, nor a manifestation of just how euphoric the sensation of freedom was. A sigh and his fingers were threading through his matted mop of brown, before he’d move on, navigating the gnarled mess of trees for a bluer sky beyond the canopy.

A smaller frame had slumped against his, likely an accidental misplacement of the foot amidst the roots and leaves, and his hands snapped up to steady her, all the while backing her up at an arm’s length from his body. He staggered in reverse, bustling a little more distance between them before snapping at her remark.


          ➶} "—-What’d you call me?"

Clara was quite petite; at a height of about 5’2 feet and 110 pounds. It was the unwavering confidence she exuded that left the biggest impression. That and of course the fact she was incredibly sexy. She reached up to gently pull a tussle of his hair. “I called you ‘Shag-boy. I thought I enunciated well. If I didn’t I should work on that. I am a teacher after all. It would be awful if my kids got bad grades, just because they didn’t understand me.”

“Look at yourself. You are all mussed about, or could I say shaggy.” Clara placed her hand on her him, and flashed a smile at him. “I mean, I never said it was bad look. So no need to take offense Shag-boy. Thanks a lot for catching my fall. You can call me Clara, Clara Oswald. Is there a name you prefer to be called by? Apparently you do not like affectionate, though accurate nicknames.” She winked at him, “I can’t promise that I will call you that though. I do love a good nickname.”


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[CA Mini / Open]


She tilts her head for a second, confused by the seemingly non-sequitur statement, and then realizes her earlier comment must have been misinterpreted.

"No no no, buttstroking is hitting someone with the buttstock of a rifle," she says, lifting up one shoulder to adjust the sling of her bb gun and make it a little more visible. 

"No man’s gotten close enough to my behind to grope it. And if they did then they’d be dealing with the other end of my gun,” she continues, gesturing to the end of the barrel. 


“Ooohh.” Clara was no stranger to firearms. Though they were normally impromptu moments amongst chaos. Such as when she headed an attack on the Cybermen. However that did not mean she knew the lingo. So when she was informed of what butt stroking meant, all she could do was laugh. “I’m glad I did not make that mistake in front of my class. That would have been embarrassing.”

“Is that a BB gun? I have noticed many of the residents have them. I imagine they can be deadly if used by an expert marksmen. Though Still, I prefer a good chair. It would surprise you how many messes I’ve got out of via chair. It doesn’t matter what a woman wears, she should still be treated like a lady. Those who objectify you, can just sod off.  By the way, I’m Clara. ”

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[CA Mini / Open]


"Sheesh, it’s like you men have never seen a girl show a little skin before!"


"You all walk around without shirts on all the time without so much as a second glance, but when I wear this suddenly I’m a magnet for every man’s gaze in the city!  Do you know how many creeps I’ve had to buttstroke today alone?"

“If someone touched my bottom I’d give them a right smack. ‘Cause if I was in your position I’d be leaving red hand prints all over Hive City.”

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тнє ℓσѕт тυяηαвσυт}ιηтяσ



      Hazy vision slowly came to adjust to its surrounding while the head throbbed from the hit landed upon it not too long ago. Blurry memories begin to replay itself, somehow, she knew that this was not where the Wright Anything Agency would be located. Something was off about this place, but the young lawyer couldn’t exactly put a finger on it.

      Groggy, she managed to pull herself up. Her eyes glanced around—

                                                            Wh-Where am I?”

      Athena was horrified and it was obvious, Widget reflected her emotions with a grey frown on its screen. Nobody was around, and she knew she needed to use a more rational way out. A little bit reluctant, her lawyer instincts kicked in. Picking things up and observing them, hoping for a clue that could at least give her a lead as to where she was stranded at. A few scraps here and there, plus a couple regular old street things she would find anywhere—nothing spectacular around here unfortunately. Maybe a couple witnesses would do.

      She dashed out of the valley in which she woke up from and proceeded onto somewhere that might seem to have people pass by. Truth to be told, she wasn’t exactly sure what she was doing but…

                                                            E-Excuse me!

      Could you tell me where are we?” Athena called out to a person a few metres away from her. Her hands formed into a shape around her mouth which amplified her voice—even though she was already loud enough. 

Clara decided to start at the beginning. Which meant going back to the building from which she first emerged. If she could just find a way inside, perhaps she could learn something about her predicament. Even find a way out and back to her Doctor. Just as her search inside seemed hapless, she heard a noise. Gently she pressed her ears up against the door to listen. It seemed the same introductory video she heard was playing. Hive City seemed to have gotten a new resident.

Then there was that phrase. ‘Where am I?’ A phrase that was all too familiar to Clara Oswald. How many times that phrase passed her lips was unknowable. There was something especially awful about being lost and alone. So when she heard those words, ‘Where am I?’ it was her first instinct to help them.

Quickly Clara slid out of sight when the door opened. Before she helped, she wanted to get a look at who she would be helping. If Clara was anyone else, she would have said the girl looked ordinary. Clara knew better than that. Just like the Tardis, people were bigger on the inside then they were outside.  So she still had to be a bit careful.

Clara sped walked, a bit in front of the girl. Just to get one more good look before she approached. Before she could, the girl called out for help, to help find out where she was. That call for help was not exactly directly towards her. Though that mattered little to Clara, without missing a beat she intercepted the S.O.S.  “I’m not that far away, no need to be yelling like that. Where are you? From the information I have gathered we are in a man-made self-sufficient ecosystem. The purpose of which being to study organisms from all of time and space.” Clara extended her hand towards the girl, “Clara Oswald.”


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Blink }} Closed }} Clara & Daryl

Hive City was much more complex then Clara had anticipated. From what she gathered, this place was far from organic. She could not say it was man-made though, for she could not accurately identify the species that created it. All she knew was that Hive City was constructed to serve a purpose. To study its inhabitants, she included.

No matter what Clara’s circumstances, she could still appreciate beauty. One thing was for sure, Section 006 was gorgeous. The Doctor would have been enamored by this strange world.  He always enjoyed discovering somewhere new. Of course there was always the chance he had been there before.  “Doctor, where are you?” It felt like any moment he would pop up, save the day. That’s how it always was.

The brightness sun caused Clara to wince. Even though Clara was blinded for only a second, it caused her to trip over a protruding tree root. That simple single moment, in the blink of an eye, she had fallen into a rather gruff and mussed looking man. Everything could change in an instant though. “Why hello there shag-boy.”

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"Humph. That is true, but only if they give up their humanity. Otherwise, I am doubtful of their ability to even survive their entire lifespan."


"I am a collection of six hundred and sixty six beasts. Each one is older, more intelligent, and more powerful then you. You are insignificant in comparison."

“Look at you, aren’t you impressive? For someone so old and so clever, you say such idiotic things. That humanity which you snub your nose at is what makes us special. So I wouldn’t count us out of the race yet. The human species has this uncanny ability to adapt to what is thrown at them.”

“And any man of science should know, a single mosquito can change the world.”

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